Kevin Wierman

Recent Notebook Entries

A Docker Container for SSH'ing across VPNs


The problem faced here is that I deal with several VPNs in my day-to-day activities. A cursory bit of research into Cisco VPNs shows that others have trouble connecting to multiple tunnels at once. Since I usually just need SSH access, I thought my solution would be to just …

SCP With Kerberos


I find myself in the position of moving files between institutions with varying authentication systems. One of the more problematic (though secure) systems is kerberos. The symptom is "permission denied" errors even though you have a valid kerberos ticket via kinit.


The following line makes life easier.

scp …

Installing ROOT with Spack on OSX

While I would have preferred a cleaner way of doing this, using Spack avoids the headaches involved in installing ROOT. Of which, we know; every physics grad student gets to do at least 6 times.

So, here's the idea:

  1. Get gfortran
  2. Download Spack
  3. Make some modifications to Spack itself
  4. Download …

Rabbitmq Without Root


Do a fresh install

sudo apt-get install -y rabbitmq-server

Enable management plugin

sudo rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management

Shut down the rabbitmq server

sudo rabbitmqctl stop

Remove the mnesia directory, which was created as user rabbitmq, not what

we want.

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia

Prevent rabbitmq from auto …

Django Cheat Sheet

The idea here is that I wanted an easy cheat sheet to use when going through the motions of creating yet another Django website.

Checking Django Version Number

python -c "import django; print(django.get_version())"

Creating a Project

django-admin startproject mysite

Database Setup

python makemigrations
python …