Kevin Wierman


Although I'm trained as a physicist, my research experience has focused on developing code for high performance computing. I've taken my experience developing for GPUs and FPGAs and applied this to develop machine learning techniques for the past couple of years. My research interests include continuing to develop machine learning techniques to tackle challenges in new data sets.


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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Oct 2016 - Present
Postdoctoral Researcher Richland, Wa/Batavia, Il
  • Meeting convener in Fermi National Accelerator Lab (FNAL) Machine Learning working group in Batavia, Il
  • Run Coordinator (operations management) for MicroBooNE experiment Q3/4 2017
  • Created data adaptation libraries for physics simulations and analyses
    • Geometry adaptation for CAD and HEP GDML (Python)
    • Event abstraction for ROOT and HDF5 tree and tabularized data (Python + C++)
  • Modeled and implemented cosmic ray tagging simulations
    • Developed in custom C++ framework.
  • Leading effort in proton decay analysis using convolutional neural networks.
    • Framework built around Keras and Tensorflow
    • Network architecture study utilizes Caffe with custom layers (C++).
  • Kickstarted several deep learning efforts in physical sciences
    • Dark matter analysis using multi-modal networks
    • Uses Pytorch with OpenMPI adaptations
    • Inline FPGA-based deep learning analysis architecture
Center for Open Science Sep 2015 - May 2016
Grant-Funded Community Developer Remote
  • Developed plugins for the Open Science Framework
  • Web framework based on Python2.7 and 3.6.
  • Frontend based on Knockout.js
  • Participated in community contribution to core framework.
  • Helped train new developers and contributed to code review of unfinished plugins.
Girl Develop It December 2015 - May 2016
Volunteer TA Philadelphia, PA
  • Teaching Assistant for classes in:
    • Javascript
      • JQuery, Ember.js, and Angular.js
    • Python
Freelance Web Developer September 2015 - May 2016
Freelancer Remote
  • Produced full stack web solutions for clients.
  • Worked via Freelancer and Upwork.
  • Typical stack consisted of PostgreSQL, Django+REST and Angular.js.
KATRIN and UNC ENPA May 2011 - Sep 2016
Graduate Research Assistant Chapel Hill, NC/Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Worked remotely from UNC and locally in Karlsruhe with international collaborators
  • Developer on KATRIN 3D Electromagnetic Field Calculation Software (KEMField)
    • OpenCL/CUDA (C++) based implementation of sparse matrix inversion.
    • Team effort between MIT and UNC developers.
  • Redesigned KATRIN FPD Veto
    • Designed and implemented a low-noise amplification electronics operating at high voltages
    • Fabricated Peltier-based cooling subsystems
    • Developed FPGA electronics for data acquisitions of fast signals
    • Wrote code for data analysis and fast signal processing for concurrent readout
    • Performed analysis for system evaluation of stability and efficiency
  • Created low-background thermal neutron detection system
    • Designed electronics for detector biasing and pre-amplification
    • Managed development of high-voltage subsystems
    • Developed data acquisitions client software with GUI components
UNC Dept. Of Physics Sep 2011 - May 2012
Teaching Assistant Chapel Hill, NC
  • Taught classes in analogue electronics and digital electronics for undergraduate engineering students
  • Managed a group of TAs by organizing
University of Washington and CENPA Sep 2009 - May 2011
Undergraduate Research Assistant Seattle, Wa
  • Upgraded and maintained ultra-high vacuum system
  • Performed surface characterization measurements of the KATRIN silicon pin-diode detector
  • Operated superconducting magnets
  • Additional work on HALO and Project 8 to improve electronics
T2K, Walta Dec 2008 - May 2011
Undergraduate Research Assistant Seattle, Wa/Tokai, Japan
  • Assembled and maintained electronics for slow controls
  • Performed analysis of slow control data for the Pi0 detector
  • Conducted independent study of suitable numerical techniques used for sensor noise reduction
  • Produced code for multi-point smoothing and Kalman filter
  • Spent 1 month in Tokai, Japan to upgrade electronics
  • Worked on the WALTA project to educate students in data-taking techniques
  • Physics Department Machine Shop Jul 2008 - Sep 2009
    Assistant Instrument Maker Seattle, Wa
    • Made instruments for multiple experiments
    • Participated in multiple projects simultaneously
    • Worked extensively on the BOSS2 upgrade for SDSS


    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill May 2011 - Present
    • PhD. Physics "Studies of Charge Accumulation in the KATRIN Main Spectrometer"
    • M.Sc. Physics, `"Evaluation of the KATRIN FPD Veto System"
    April 2013
    University of Washington Aug 2006 -- May 2011
    • B.S. Physics
    • B.A. Mathematics

    Awards and Fellowships

    Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists Fellowship 2013
    Travel fellowship for young visiting scholars to the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology
    Eugen Merzbacher Fellowship 2011
    Fellowship for new graduate students in experimental nuclear physics
    Hans Demelt Award 2011
    Award for undergraduate students who display excellence in table-top physics experiments

    Technical Strengths

    Computer Languages C, C++, Python, Erlang, Java, Javascript
    Frameworks Tensorflow, Caffe, PyTorch, Keras
    Tools SVN, Git, Emacs, OSX, linux, MSI RAID, Atlassian toolset
    Other AutoCad Inventor, EagleSoft, Vivado, Quartus II

    Selected Publications, Posters and Talks